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Driving the Walking Dead

I saw a few episodes of The Walking Dead back in the first season. What I caught was just random, when I just happened to turn on the TV during its time slot. The show looked interesting, but I just couldn’t reliably tune in at the right time. Then last year when we got Netflix, I managed to watch eight or ten episodes in a row.

I really like the Zombie Apocalypse genre, and this show had some really interesting episodes, but taken as a whole, I just couldn’t love it. The main characters made too many stupid mistakes. Among many problems, the zombies seemed to appear out of nowhere like freakin’ ninjas. Living bad guys could track and seemingly teleport like wizards. Every time it happened, it just took me out of the story. So I gave up watching it.

Then on our Walt Disney World vacation last month, I saw this in the resort parking lot:

The Walking Dead Car

The Walking Dead Car


This prompted me to try watching the show again. I cherry picked a few episodes, (the attack on the prison, and a few following). There were a few instances of stupid by the characters, but nothing terribly bad to me. But the story is just so damn depressing. So much bad happening to everyone. I can’t stand it. I don’t want to watch a show that makes me depressed. So, again, I’m giving up on The Walking Dead.


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