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And Life Continues

I’m back home, now. I’m back to my wife and boys, (who came home on Monday, after the funeral), and back to my job, and back to my regular life. There was a lot of legal and official stuff to do in my hometown regarding “estate” issues, but we’ve gotten things straightened out.

There were people to meet, documents to sign, decisions to be made, and grief to be dealt with. There were old pictures to gather up and go through, sentimental items to find and hold, and previously unknown stories and anecdotes to be heard.

During the visitation and funeral, I met more people than I normally meet in a year in my regular routine. My dad made friends easily, and he kept them forever. My brother and I figure between our step-dad’s funeral three years ago, and our dad’s funeral this week, we’ve now met every person in our hometown.

During these several days, I ate more food each day than I would normally eat in two days in my regular routine. Most all of the food was home-cooked and downright damn good. In the South, we feed and eat during grieving.

But then, after revisiting and honoring a life passed, we have our own present and future lives to get back to and on with. Events have made me reminiscence on old times, reweigh old experiences, and revisit old feelings. I have some old and new stories to tell, and I’ll relate them here sometime.


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