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An Old New Nazi

I don’t normally write about current news items, but I found humor in some of the news reporting yesterday about the shooting at the Holocaust Museum. (The shooting was not funny; the humor is in the reporting.) I’ve mentioned before what I think of news reporting.

A couple of articles yesterday identified the shooter as an “88-year-old Neo-Nazi.” Neo means “new.” So they’re saying this crazy guy is an old new Nazi. Is that like jumbo shrimp? I would think, at 88 years old, he’s probably an old school Nazi. And what, exactly, is the difference between a regular old Nazi and a neo Nazi?

I heard a reporter on the radio mention how several people he spoke with, who had been in the museum at the time of the incident, said they were “terrified” when they heard the gun shots. This journalist reported that people were terrified of gunshots in a museum? Ya think?

And then best of all, on ABC News, “Two other guards returned fire and wounded the alleged gunman.” Alleged gunman? They weren’t sure it was the actual gunman they were shooting at?

Sometimes getting news is less useful than not knowing.


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3 Responses to An Old New Nazi

  1. brogrit says:

    i reallyt dont know why the word alleged is ever used in this type of news. i figured the word means you are not sure he is the guy…but if you are shooting at him, and you see him carrying and using a shotgun and pistol, i believe he is the guy….although, listening to the government run media and news, you cant get the actuall story…..ooooops did i say that out loud…..lets not go there….

    but, agree with you…

  2. Grant Niemeyer says:

    Give them time and they will probly turn this guy into a victom. Ya know its the “guns” fualt that the gaurd died and that we NEED more gun laws or ban gun all together. they did that with theat crazy nut that shot up the college last year. My question is how the hell did he hide a rifle ? I mean this guy must be really tall not to stick out in DC carrying a rifle in his pants or under his long coat maybe in June? Makes you wonder a bit.

  3. michelle says:

    OK I get to be the dork today…first off “Neo” does mean new, but in the context of the subject matter it refers to something new in the sense of revived or modified, when refering to a neo nazi you are speaking of someone who is reminiscent of that political movement but his actions are taking place in current time
    As for teh word alleged, although I agree with everyone that it seems a little too PC, to use such a word when you are pretty damn sure who the shooter was, but it all stems from the premise that all mean are innocent until proven guilty. yes it seems stupid but it must be solidly proven that the bullets came from his gun and not that of another…c’mon people JFK the second gunman…yes it seems absurd but it is the basis of our legal system

    However, do not in any way believe that I support the media whatsoever, its all bs the way they “report” what they want

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