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BULLGRIT® brand t-shirts are designed for dads, geeks, and good ol’ boys, ’cause Bullgrit is a dad, geek, and good ol’ boy. More about me.Bullgrit

The shirts and stuff for sale at totalbullgrit.com are original designs, available only here. Feel free, (and encouraged), to link to any of these designs; share them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

There’s no BULLGRIT logo on the shirts you buy, so you’re not wearing advertising; you’re showing just the design you like and want to present. But if someone asks where you got that cool shirt, please tell ‘em totalbullgrit.com.

If you have questions or comments about any BULLGRIT designs, you can email me directly — yes, that’s my personal email, not a company email read by an administrative assistant or a college intern. I’m open and interested to any critique, but please don’t send me any design ideas. I already have a very, very long list of design concepts in various stages of development. (And the list grows every day.) Even releasing a new design each week, I expect it will be years before I start nearing the end of the list.

Your Purchase

Payment, printing, and shipping, (and returns if necessary), are handled through CafePress. Questions or comments about these aspects of a sale should be directed to their Customer Service. I’ve tested their system several times before deciding to use them for my fulfillment needs, and they’re good and on-the-ball with the process. When you add a product to your cart and start to make a purchase, you’ll be automatically directed to the CafePress site for checkout. Don’t panic, this is normal and the way it works.

To see my comments on the designs, and to see announcements when new designs are released, check out my T-Shirts section of the TOTAL BULLGRIT blog.

Thanks for coming to my store. Really, I do appreciate it.