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Vacation Debriefing

We’re back from our vacation — just Wifegrit and me, alone, for 6 days at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Our grown-ups time away was a wonderful and relaxing week. Really, deep down comfortable. We stayed at the Shell Island resort.

Shell Island Resort

Each morning we could watch the sun rise:

Wrightsville Beach Sunrise

Each evening we could watch the sun set:

Wrightsville Beach Sunset

In between those times, we just hung out together:

Bullgrit & Wifegrit

Bullgrit & Wifegrit

Next, this coming weekend, we’re taking the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days. Sort of a thank you to them for letting Mom and Dad have their sanity levels topped off for another year.

A big THANK YOU! to my mom for taking care of our boys last week while we were away. It was a huge comfort knowing she had us covered for our vacation.


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