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Reap the Minis

My game group is starting a new D&D campaign. It’s been a few months since we played D&D — we only played two nights of the psionic campaign back in January. This time we’re going to all share the Dungeon Master duties. We’ll each run one adventure, for two or three game sessions, and rotate through us so everyone gets to play a character and run an adventure.

I’m pretty excited about this campaign, because I like DMing and playing a character. I usually DM when we play D&D, but after a few months to a year of running the game, I burn out and need a break. It can be a good deal of work to run a role playing game, and I just don’t have the free time for the prep work that I used to.

So, anyway, in anticipation of being able to play a character after I DM the first adventure in our campaign, I got a Reaper Mini catalog. I like to find a cool game miniature and build my character based on it. No one has to do this, and most people don’t do it this way, but it’s just something that I like to do. I can build dozens of characters just off the top of my head, but it’s a little bit of a simple challenge to build one based on a miniature. Besides, it’s extra cool when you can show your fellow gamers exactly what your character looks like by sitting a 3-dimensional representation of him on the game table.

<- This was the character I chose to build for our game. I dubbed him “The Holy Hammer of Hessia” and I was excited to play his the personality and mechanics. (For you readers who aren’t familiar with D&D-type miniatures: the figure in this image is about twice the size of the real thing.

I ordered this mini, and half a dozen more, through my local game store a few days ago. When they called me to let me know my order had arrived, they apologized that two of the minis were not available.

I knew one of the two would of course be this mini, and it was. I had already designed and written up the character from the core rules, and I’ve been looking forward to playing this guy for over a week. And now, sadly, I can’t get the mini. I may end up playing the character anyway, without the figure representation, but it just looses some of the cool factor without the mini on the table.


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