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One Year

Technically, my first post for this blog was June 16, but I don’t want to wait another half a month to make this announcement. June 2008 marks one year that I’ve been writing this blog on a daily basis. There are many posts dated before June 2007, but they were not written for this blog — they were posted in group emails or on message boards. (I think all of the older posts are gaming related.)

As of this post, there are 452 posts on this site:

310 posts in the Life category (some posts are attached to more than one category)
24 posts in Hometown
14 posts in Site Info
12 posts in Travel
24 posts in Movies
7 posts in Comic Books
3 posts in general Computer Games
57 posts in World of Warcraft (includes some on Guild Wars)
7 posts in Table Games
4 posts in general Role Playing Games
28 posts in Dungeons & Dragons (plus many more pages discussing and reviewing some specific classic D&D adventures)

I know it’s patting myself on the back, but I’m proud that I was able to keep up my goal to post every day. I missed about 10 days here and there due to technical problems, but not one day because I just didn’t feel like it (and there have been several days when I really didn’t feel like writing anything).

There have been over 4,600 visitors to this site — that’s visitors, not just hits. I never imagined that many people would see this thing. Now, I know most don’t re-visit regularly, and many may never return a second time, but still, I’m happily surprised. For a lame-ass blog by some unknown Southern good ol’ boy, writing about mundane stuff in his life, any number higher than the number of people in his family is impressive.

Anyway, that’s enough of me ringing my own bell.

Thanks for coming by and reading. And thanks to my brother (brogrit) for regularly posting comments (since I started using blogging software, in April 2008, that allowed readers to make comments).

Y’all come back now, ya’hear.


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