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Not Enough Hours in the Day

Calfgrit5 comes into our room at 6:30 a.m. (if he oversleeps). I get up and go to the shower.

Around 7:00, I get to the kitchen to make my breakfast and lunch alongside the rest of the family.

Shortly thereafter, I head out the door for a 30-45 minute drive to work.

I’m at work all day, usually eating lunch at my desk. I get back home between 5:00 and 5:30.

When I walk in the door, it’s either play with the boys while dinner is cooking, or help with homework while dinner is cooking, or cook the dinner, or sit down and eat the dinner. Follow dinner with play with the boys, or help with the homework, or do some chore on the honey-do list.

Then it’s the boys’ bath time, book time, bed time.

Then it’s my workout time for about an hour. Then shower, then bed, exhausted.

Repeat. Every. Day.

Says my brother: “btw bull…its about time you posted something…”

Yeah, since my evenings after the boys’ bed time — every evening — has been coopted by my workout time, my posting schedule here has fallen to wayside. I try to post something once or twice a week, but time for writing is in short supply in my life right now.

I have just three more weeks of my Insanity regimen, and then I’ll drop back to a 3 day a week workout schedule, (instead of 6 days). My expectation then is that I’ll again have time in the evenings to write and keep up this web site better.

To thank my brother for his encouragement, here’s a song about Lord of the Rings, just for him:


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