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Lego Heaven

One evening of our vacation in Disney World, we went to Downtown Disney. While Cowgrit and Momgrit went shopping at the World of Disney store (more like 3 stores), the Calves and I visited the Lego Imagination Center.

The first thing you see when you near the Lego store is the giant Lego constructs. The picture to the right shows the sea serpent and the t-rex. The serpent is actually in the water of the harbor — I’m told it is constructed of 2 million Lego pieces. The t-rex stands about 10 feet tall and its head occasionally moves from side to side. To get a sense of the scale in the picture, the rails in front of the serpent and dino are about four feet high.

Not pictured is a robot, that stands as tall as the dino, an ocean scene with a giant crab, shark, and fish, and a life-sized family of four with four dogs on leashes. All of these constructs are made of normal size Lego pieces — the dino looks like it’s made of large blocks, but they’re really just regular, small pieces put together to look like large pieces. All the statues are just awe-inspiring.

Inside the store is every Lego piece and set you can think of, including sets I have never seen in any other store. For instance, check out this picture of the Millennium Falcon — for $500. It is to scale with the standard Lego mini figures — Han, Chewie, Leia, and Obi Wan are sitting in the cockpit. (As a nod to all you other Star Wars geeks: Yes, I noted this is an odd grouping.)

Besides the Star Wars sets, there’s also all the Bionicles, Exowarriors, fantasy, and real-life sets all around, too. Plus there’s a metric butt-load of individual Lego pieces you can buy by the scoopful. You can also build your own mini-figs — three for $10.

Outside the store, under a big permanent shelter, are tables for open building. In the center of the tables are bowls of loose Lego pieces, and there were 20 or 30 kids around building any and every thing they could imagine. There’s also two sloped race tracks for testing your race car builds. After picking out a couple sets each to buy, my boys hung out building cars and racing them with other kids for probably an hour.

That is just an amazingly cool store. I wanted to build and play too, but there was just too much going on for me to get distracted from paying attention to the boys. So I enjoyed the experience vicariously through my sons.


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4 Responses to Lego Heaven

  1. michelle says:

    I could have a field day with the dorkiness of this whole thing…but nonetheless you aren’t my brother so I’ll leave the insulting humor to brogrit…Although I will say, I had a lego pirate set and my brothers had a space station one when we were younger (and no that wasn’t 2 years ago…brogrit)

  2. brogrit says:

    well, i have to say, i would love to have seen this….i think i could spend a while n the lego store…..who doesn’t like legos..especially whn you can builda dino out of them. ou think a kid built those…nope, some grown dude did. ‘d do it….bullgrit, just say when you want to go back, you can pick me up….

  3. michelle says:

    Don’t get me wrong…it may be dorky but I’d still have fun with it…although I was never too creative, I usually built simple things…that’s what numbers people do…we stay inside the box. It’d be very cool to see but I doubt I could ever build a dino…

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