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Game Night

Last night was my game night with my friends, somethin’ we hadn’t done in three weeks. Due to schedule conflicts and other Real Life stuff, we haven’t all sat down at a game table together in too long.

I brought a game the Grit family has played a few times, Blokus, and me and the guys gave it a real good work over. Blokus uses colored squares on a game board, and it’s real easy to learn the rules, but it’s a solid challenge to master. It requires the ability to see how the oddly shaped pieces can fit on the board together for you while using them to block the other players from placin’ their own. We played two games, and I won both — but I was the only one in our group who had played it before. The guys liked the game, and we’ll prob’bly play it again some time.

Next we got out Settlers of Catan. Settlers is a fantastically well designed board game. It’s an array of land features that produce various goods (lumber, ore, grain, etc.) determined by a random roll of two dice. The players use the goods to build roads and settlements on the map. We played it for well over an hour, and two of us came very close to winnin’ a few times until at last the other guy got what he needed to finish. Settlers has never failed to thoroughly entertain our group, and I would rank it in my top three favorite board games.

If you like puzzle games, give Blokus a try. If you like board games, try Settlers of Catan. Both are really great games that challenge experienced gamers and can be fun for the whole family.

I meant to take pictures of the end of our Blokus and Settlers games, but I completely forgot about it in the excitement of playing. It would have made for a better blog post.


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