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From the Mouths of Babes

A couple of moments from this weekend:

* * *

We (me, my mom, Calfgrit4, and Calfgrit8) were on our way to Target to pick up a couple things, including some Pokemon cards (mom told them she’d get them some cards). The boys were discussing what kind of Pokemon cards they wanted to get.

Calfgrit8: “I’m going to get a deck. I want a new Pokemon deck to play against dad’s deck.”

Calfgrit4: “Yeah! I want a deck, too. That’s what I want.” <pause> To CG8: “What’s a deck, anyway?”

* * *

We were in the backyard watching the boys swing on their play set. Calfgrit8 jumped out of his swing and landed with a roll. Calfgrit4 said he wanted to try jumping out, too, but we told him not to.

Calfgrit8: “No don’t try it, you could die. I’d rather have you alive than dead. Even though you are annoying.”


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