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Cell Phone and Water Don’t Mix

My cell phone was sitting on the table playing music through its speaker. I went to the bathroom, and when I came back, I noticed my phone was quiet.

Hmm. I picked up the phone and examined it to see what the glitch was. The phone was off. That’s odd.

It wouldn’t turn back on. It was just dead. Calfgrit4 was the only one around, and he had an uneasy interest in my investigation.

I asked him, “Did you mess with my phone?”

“I dropped it,” he said. “In my water cup.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . <- that’s me holding my tongue while my head throbbed.

Oh my God! Oh no! That phone is my tech baby. It’s my phone, my music player, my camera, my little notebook for numbers and notes. It’s my one piece of tech luxury. I love that little thing more than I like my car.

Calfgrit4 assured me he dried it off.

Yes, the outside was dry. I ran with the phone back to my bathroom and put the hairdryer to it with the hopes that I could somehow resuscitate it. I blew warm air into the cracks and crevices of the phone to dry or blow out any water inside. I tended to my little baby for a good half hour, praying and wishing the whole time.

I’m not sure what Calfgrit4 was doing while I was so completely occupied. He might have been testing the water resistance of all kinds of other electronics, but I was focused too much right then to care. I wouldn’t really miss the TV if he destroyed it. But my phone — my phone is my one and only real piece of modern technology. Hell, even my computer is about six years old.

Fortunately drying out the phone eventually brought it back to useful life. Oh thank God!

When I finally came back out to find Calfgrit4 playing nicely — no electronics sitting in water, and no water dripping over electronics. He said, “I’m sorry I wet your phone.”

“Thank you for apologizing,” I said. “But please don’t ever mess with my, or Mommy’s, phone.” I explained about water and electronics (and electricity), but I don’t know if he understood it all.

Later, I learned from Cowgrit, that he had used my phone as a bridge across the top of his water cup. “Building a bridge. Maybe he’ll become an engineer when he grows up.”

“Yeah,” I said, “that would be cool.” I didn’t add, So long as he’s not an electrical engineer.


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7 Responses to Cell Phone and Water Don’t Mix

  1. Grant Niemeyer says:

    you alsomight want to throw it in a bag of rice overnight that will get any last mostuire out aswell.

  2. Knowssomegrit says:

    Maybe he should be an electrical engineer. He’s already learned the most critical part: Electricity + Water = Bad.

  3. brogrit says:

    wow, this phone sounds like something special, it does sooo much stuff, wow….oh wait a minute…you can’t even get picture texts, or get on the internet, it can’t even send texts…or that’s what i’ve learned, because i’ve never gotten one back from you….can you check your email with it….? i think it’s time for a new phone….although…it does take pretty good pictures…

  4. Bullgrit says:

    “you can’t even get picture texts” — I can if I wanted to set it up. You’re the only one who’s ever tried to send me any (just two).

    “get on the internet” — I can.

    “it can’t even send texts” — I send and recieve texts. I’ve even sent to you.

    “can you check your email with it” — I could if I set it up to do so. I don’t need to check my email with my phone — I sit in front of a computer all friggin’ day.

    “i think it’s time for a new phone” — I don’t want to pay 300-600 bucks for a new phone that does even more shit that I don’t need.

  5. brogrit says:

    i didnt pay that much or my phone, 183(and im gonna get back a 100 of that) was mine. i dont remember you sending me texts. i you could recieve pics, id send more….like one i took today….dart board in front of a window….i wonder how that window got broken…i could supply you with a years worth of blogs…in what i see everyday….

  6. brogrit says:

    wow he can text….

  7. Bullgrit says:

    Nearly all my twitter messages (in the right column) come from my phone.

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