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Buying Glasses

The First Thing to Go, Accepting Eyeglasses

I finally decided to go ahead and get real, prescription eyeglasses. I’ve been using the cheapo, off-the-rack, reading glasses for several weeks now, and it is very annoying to put them on, take them off, remember to carry them with me, and so on. So I need glasses that I can wear all the time.

I went to the optometrist, got a prescription (for both near and far vision), and ordered my real glasses — bifocal, progressive lenses (no line between the near and far part of the lens). They’ll be ready in a week. I actually like the frames I chose, and I think I’m mentally ready to start wearing them all the time. I’m not sure if I’ll remember to put them on all the time (like first thing in the morning), but I’m ready to try.

The whole concept has sort of become an experiment for me now. I’m interested to see how this new tool works — I mean, I can see and read now, but things are noticeably blurry. (Sometimes, honestly, I can’t read something at all because the blur is too much). I’m keen to learn if seeing and reading properly all the time becomes a real, appreciable improvement to my life.


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5 Responses to Buying Glasses

  1. brogrit says:

    did you get the big black frames…that eventually break and you’ll have to tape them up to stay on….that is all that is left for you t complete the “geek”. i know you have the pocket protector somewhere….enjoy the glasses….

  2. Bullgrit says:

    I know you’re just joking with me, so I’m just saying this as an interesting piece of trivia about me: I’ve never owned or worn a pocket protector.

    And my new glasses are cool — they make me look intelligent and suave.

  3. brogrit says:

    there are not any glasses anywhere to help you look suave….and, if you find some, they will not be cheap…..i do think it’s funny you are defending yourself against the pocket protector….that says a lot….it’s ok to admit you’ve had one….

  4. Bullgrit says:

    Do you still wear your old Micheal Jackson coat? You know, the red one with all the zippers. Do you still have the one glove?

  5. brogrit says:

    never had the glove…and no that coat has been long gone….but i do still paint my nails…
    ad in my older musical years i have learned how that mj record is quite good. didn’t like it back then, but now, musically, good…

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