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An Admirable Butt

Cowgrit got me this card for our anniversary.

We’re a good team.

You’re the one
who approaches
challenges head on.

On the inside, it says:

And I’m the one
hanging back,
admiring your butt.

The card has been sitting on my desk in my home office since she gave it to me (May 20). Yesterday Calfgrit8 noticed it for the first time and picked it up. After reading it, he took it to Cowgrit. He read it aloud and asked, “What does that mean?”

She assumed he meant what does “admiring” mean, because he definitely knows what “butt” means — he and his brother say it enough, much to our consternation.

Now she’s worried that he might repeat the card at school. We’re really not looking forward to a call from his teacher telling us that CG8 said to a classmate, “I’m admiring your butt.”


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One Response to An Admirable Butt

  1. brogrit says:

    as long as he says it to a girl…..i don’t see the problem…

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