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Which One Doesn’t Belong

Who doesn’t belong in this list of celebrities?*

Celebrity #1:

Celebrity #2:

Celebrity #3:

Celebrity #4:

Celebrity #5:

Celebrity #6:

Celebrity #7:

Celebrity #8:


For the answer, check the first comment for this post.

* The photos of the celebrities are from Wikipedia.


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7 Responses to Which One Doesn’t Belong

  1. Bullgrit says:

    Which one doesn’t belong in this list?

    #8 is the odd one. Numbers 1-7 are all 39 years old. But rock drummer Brandon Ryan Faulkner, (my brother), turns 40 today.

    Happy Birthday, brogrit!

  2. Morganton says:

    happy bithday. What band you play with?

  3. Grant Niemeyer says:

    Happy birthday BroGrit

  4. brogrit says:

    my main band is perris records artist Mad Margritt. i also do a lot of freelance around Atlanta, as well as teach.

    thanks for the birthday wish

  5. Oreilly says:

    I don’t know who is any one after Carmen Electra. That is all I need to know.

  6. Enuncio says:

    Purple hair? What are you, a punk rocker?

    And who is the African American guy number 7?

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