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New Star Trek Movie

The idea of a Star Trek movie that goes back to the beginning, bringing the characters of Kirk, Spock, and crew back for a new generation sounded, to me, like a great idea. I hated the last couple of ST movies I saw because the stories were so nonsensical, and seemed to ignore the great concepts laid down in the TV series. It’s like the writers didn’t even try to make the plot and dialog logical and believable. And they seemed to throw the ST canon out the window.

But the idea of taking the story back to the original? That, I was looking forward to. See, Star Trek is more than a science fiction show — the stories (at least with The Original Series and The Next Generation) were morality plays, philosophical exercises, and even political commentary wrapped up in a sci-fi presentation.

Sadly, though, now that I’ve seen the latest trailer for this new movie, I see that the setting may be going back to the original characters, but the story is going further into the action adventure genre. Why? This kills the whole concept of Star Trek. Original ST stories were not action adventure romps. Some of the episodes had a bit of action and adventure, but the series wasn’t just a vehicle for fighting explosions. It was a platform for thinking.

The new trailer for the new movie shows nothing but action and action. Driving/flying fast, things blowing up, fighting, and sex. As should be obvious from things I’ve said in my other posts, I’m all for action and adventure in my movies. But ST should be more than that. And there’s nothing in the trailer that even hints at any kind of morality play, philosophical exercise, or even political commentary (although I am very tired of political commentary, nowadays).

So, I’m disappointed. They’ve taken everything good about Star Trek — everything that made Star Trek what it was — and just tore it up and threw it away. The whole Star Trek franchise is dead to me, now.


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3 Responses to New Star Trek Movie

  1. Bullgrit says:

    I wrote this post last night. When I reread it this morning, I was stunned at how bad it was. Awful, really. The thoughts were disjointed and contradictory, some sentences were a jumble. I had to do a fast, heavy edit to get it to make sense. I’m still not proud of it or satisfied with it.

    I swear I wasn’t drunk when I wrote this. I’d probably write something more intelligible if I was drunk.

  2. brogrit says:

    i think you get the point across. that is what matters. even though i wasn’t a big fan of star trek, the movies i saw and re-runs i’ve seen were not based off of action and adventure. there were morality issues the crew had to deal with and sometimes some action. the show also dealt with the way other “beings” lived, and who are “we” to change that. o a side note…i would love t see you drunk…that would be a blast, and cheap too….

  3. Wow, you are probaly the 2nd person I know who is like me about this bloody stupid movie! Some Trek groups I am part of are just giggly that something “Trek” is back. This sucker just feels like a violation of everything I loved about the original series. Bah, atleast I have the dvds.

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