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Happy Thanksgiving

It should be a given that I’m thankful for my family and friends and health and all that stuff. So I want to extend my thanks to all of you who regularly visit this site. Thank you for coming by, and thank you for passing the word around about this place.

When this place was new, (a year and a half ago), it sort of felt like I was just talking to myself. But as word started spreading — thanks to you who started reading at or near the beginning — I actually started having a gathering. And now that the word is apparently spreading much faster — thanks to all of you who have been reading over the past weeks and months — the gathering is turning into an audience.

I appreciate you not only stopping by and reading each day, but I really appreciate you spreading the word. And thank you to you folks who are leaving comments — it’s great to see other people’s opinions and experiences.

I also appreciate those of you who are ordering BULLGRIT shirts and stickers. Let me know if there’s a style or item you’d like that isn’t in my store — I can arrange new stuff.

And Cowgrit and the Calves appreciate the emails to them (sent through my address). I probably should set up special addresses just for them. I think I’ll do that this weekend.

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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