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Catching Up

Calfgrit4 got it by a basketball thrown 30 feet by a teenager. He laughed it off and went on playing.

The boys had a friend over for a couple hours this weekend. They ran and screamed through the house, but when I herded them out to the backyard, they sat around “bored.”

We’ve been contacting local moving companies to compare prices and quality for our pending move out of our current house.

Cowgrit has been working with a interior designer to pick out flooring, cabinets, paint, and such for our new house. There are three meetings in total to finalize all the decisions. This is far, far more complicated than either of us expected it to be.

The boys planned and set up a surprise birthday greeting and “party” for when I got home from work Friday evening. They hung up banners and streamers, and then they and Cowgrit hid behind furniture until I came in and looked around. “Surprise!” they all shouted and threw confetti up into the air. We had dinner and cake.

Holy crap! I’m forty-freakin’-two years old, now! How the hell did this happen?

My gamer group has started a new game campaign: Battletech, in the 3025-3050 era. We’re playing a medium mech lance of mercenaries. It’s a fun game, but good lord it’s taking forever to play out the battles.

I got to watch part of a Scrubs marathon this weekend. I saw three episodes back to back while Calfgrit4 napped Sunday afternoon, and I laughed my ass off. God, I love that show.

And some other stuff happened.

I decided that I really miss writing my blog. It’s often a lot of fun.

I found out that sometimes I really like not writing my blog. Skipping the stress of posting every day is a relief.


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3 Responses to Catching Up

  1. brogrit says:

    “Holy crap! I’m forty-freakin’-two years old, now! How the hell did this happen?” you’ll have to talk to mom and dad about that….its their fault….Scrubs is a great show…

    “And some other stuff happened.”what if we want to know what is was…..? inquiring mind want to know!

  2. michelle says:

    did they put all 42 candles on your birthday cake?? Scrubs is a totally funny show…just keep thinkin of the good stuff to come from the move into a new house

  3. Bullgrit says:

    No, the cake wasn’t big enough for 42 candles. Besides, you know the fire hazard joke. . .

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