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Building a House

Well, we’ve signed the contract to start building our next home. So the wait, wait, wait for the city permit bureaucracy begins. We’re told we’ll be able to move into the house in about 6 months, but the actual construction time is usually only about 11 weeks. (That’s less than 3 months.)

We’ve driven through the neighborhood and looked at the empty lot at least half a dozen times before making the decision to build there. And since signing the contract, late last week, we’ve driven by another couple of times. It’s gonna be hard not seeing something happening on that lot for maybe a month.

And, since we’re scheduled to close on our current home come August 20, we’ll be homeless for a few months. Actually, we’ll be shacking up with Cowgrit’s mother for the months between 8/20 and November or December. I don’t know if this arrangement will be better than just renting an apartment, but we’re going to give it a try.


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2 Responses to Building a House

  1. michelle says:

    Congratulations on your decision to go with building the new home!!
    Hang in there during the transition…before you know, you’ll drive by and there will be a house on that empty lot.

  2. Having built two prior homes myself, I remember the various stages of construction and the feelings of “omg, it’s so small!” and “omg, it’s so big!” and “omg, what the hell, they’ve done nothing this past week” and “omg, I can’t believe how fast this is coming together” … it’s a total roller coaster but an exciting one at that – CONGRATULATIONS!

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