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You Don’t Know Dixie — The History Channel

I just randomly happened to catch this show coming on The History Channel: You Don’t Know Dixie.

Oh Lord, I loved this show. It’s great, it’s accurate, and it’s funny. Here are a couple of examples:

The Southern accent:

College football:

Catch the show if you can. It’s worth the time.


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5 Responses to You Don’t Know Dixie — The History Channel

  1. brogrit says:

    justin had this on tv when i got home from rehearsal room…everything you said, i double. funny stuff. and we are able to laugh at ourselves about it…the best one was….isnt he precious…

  2. Mountaineer says:

    I hate to break it to ya but this show is full of lies and major inaccuracies. Trace Adkins claims that W.va. hillbillies are “yankees”!! lol! He’s mad because he has always had seriously poor record sales here because we know good music and we know he is a fraud. They had the “hillbilly” from L.A. pretending to be a W.va. hillbilly brewing moonshine!!! What a joke. Moonshine is a W.va. thing period. The ‘south’ has stolen a lot from appalachia W.va. to claim as ‘their own’. The south was born in W.va. appalachias in the 1600’s then spread southward. That’s a fact. Anything below S.C. is NOT the south, it is the mid-west. I cannot believe how ppl lie and try and change history and facts. Who are the producers of this show???? Rothschilds from N.Y.!!! Open your eyes people. A mountaineer(appalachia W.va.) is the real and first southerner. Don’t accept chaepy french-canadian substitutes.

    • Will Stevens says:

      West Virgina broke off from the South during the war. There is no doubt that ya’ll are hillbillies, but Southerners you are not.

  3. OkieFromTexas says:

    @ Mountaneer: I don’t mean to be rude, but you do realize that that the Appalachians stretch farther south than W. VA and VA right? And people do move and take their “craft” with them and teach it to the kids and close friends right? Not meaning to be rude, but seriously?

  4. Kathy Lewis says:

    I absolutely loved that show. I hope there are more showings of it and since i want to move to alabama the more i know the better off i will be.
    thanks again.

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