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World of Warcraft: The Joy of Flying

*** I originally posted this to the official World of Warcraft forums. ***

My 11 year old son hit level 60 with his tauren shaman a few days ago. He immediately went to the trainer for flight training. Then he mounted up on his hearthsteed, and took to the skies in joy. He has flown all over Orgrimmar (landing on every tall building) and through several of the zones around it. He has asked to log onto WoW a couple times just to fly around.

I think it’s awesome that he’s getting such joy from this, and I just wanted to share.

But a sad, side note: while flying around Orgrimmar, he found a pair of level 100 taurens dueling on top of a mountain spire. They spit at him and made rude gestures. I don’t know what their problem was with someone just circling their peak-top duel, but whatever. He flew on and still enjoyed his new flying experience.


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