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Wifegrit’s Thoughts on Time Changing

by Wifegrit

My thoughts….(never a dull moment).

I am not a fan of the time change. It drives me nuts. Yes, in the summer, I love the longer days but in the winter I dislike the shorter, dark so early days.

Also, it is so hard on the kids. No, let me rephrase that, it is so hard on the parents! My youngest was up at 4:30 am Sunday. The next morning, both boys were up before 6 am. Monday morning they were both up at 6 am. That is a full 3 hours before school starts!! It was the longest morning of my life.

So, I didn’t “gain” an hour of sleep. I lost 2-3 hours of sleep. Let’s see. Calfgrit10 is 10 years. So the way I figure it, in the last ten years the time change had caused me to lose about 40 hours of sleep. (That doesn’t count sleep lost from nights the kids are sick, went to the ER.)

Did I mention I am not a fan of the time change?

On the humorous side: I can see the headlines in the newspaper:

Mother sues government for lost sleep.

“She states it caused her whole family to wake up too early, be very grumpy and fight too much. The mother demands 3 mornings of uninterrupted sleep till 8 am.”

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3 Responses to Wifegrit’s Thoughts on Time Changing

  1. brogrit says:

    i agree, i like the longer days too. as far as getting up early….i do that anyway, without kids. it sucks…

  2. michelle says:

    but don’t let him deny the fact that he goes to bed between 9-9:30…ok well maybe not in bed but seriously if he sits down to relax when home from work, he will be passed out in 10 mins flat
    i must agree it makes the morning so much longer when it’s 6am and the sun is already out…hang in there, the summer will be back soon…just keep telling yourself that

  3. brogrit says:

    I DONT GO TO BED THEN….around tenish…but even on days after shows if still get up early…and michelle knows that….but, i hate the winter….

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