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Weird Definition

Riding in the van, just me, Cowgrit, and Calfgrit4.

Calfgrit4, from behind us: “Mommy, you’re a weirdo.”

Cowgrit and I, in the front seats, look at each other. Oh no. Another word we’re going to hear a million times a day.

Calfgrit4: “You know what ‘weirdo’ means? It means the cutest and the coolest.”

Me: “Is that what it means? This could be fun.”

Cowgrit rolls her eyes.

Later, when we’re all in the house, and just Cowgrit and I are in the kitchen.

Me: “You’re a weirdo.”

Cowgrit: “You’re a bigger weirdo.”

It is pretty fun. You should give it a try. Pass along the new definition of “weirdo” and tell someone what they are.


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2 Responses to Weird Definition

  1. brogrit says:

    both of you are wierdos….the orignal meaning…bullgrit, well, this site kinda explains that….cowgrit…just because she chose to marry you….i gave her the oppertunity to get out…but she stuck around…still not sure why….not that being weirdos is a bad thing….you guys are just special…..

  2. Qaisar says:

    thats very nice blog i realy enjoy on it……………….

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