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Brogrit’s comment, in a previous post, about me having a cloak and dagger made me think about what kind of weapons I own. I have a strange collection that really isn’t interesting at all other than for its odd variety. All of my weapons are currently stored away in my attic, and I don’t even have any ammunition for the guns.

  • 12 gauge sawed off shotgun — a cheap single-shot firearm I bought way back first for curiosity to see its shot pattern for research I was doing, and second for home (read: bachelor apartment) protection.
  • .30-something caliber rolling block rifle — an old (maybe very old) gun my step-dad gave me five or so years ago; I’ve never shot it, but I like it for its vintageness.
  • .44 caliber ball-and-cap revolver — a replica (fully functional) 1861 Colt-style pistol┬áthat I built myself from a kit.
  • 12-inch dagger — a match to the next item. . .
  • 3-foot double-edged sword — a Spanish-style blade given to me as a Christmas gift over 20 years ago.

You see, a strange assortment of weapons. My step-dad had a large collection of various hunting rifles, from a black-powder rifle to shotguns to high-powered, scoped rifles. My dad has a good number of handguns and a couple of long guns. For having grown up in a family of gun owners, my collection is pretty pathetic.


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One Response to Weapons

  1. brogrit says:

    at least you have a few. i still only have the one .380 i bought many years ago for home security(for the ex when i was one the road). it doesn’t even shoot all 5 shots. but it works for what i bought t for….

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