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Walking the Walk

My handy-dandy cell phone tracks my walking distance each day. In my days at Disney World, I averaged over 10 miles a day walking through the parks. This is why sane people where shoes designed for walking. I was surprised at the number of people wearing flip-flops, and then I saw this Playboy bunny wearing heeled flops.

This woman was done up for a night on the town — odd that she was boarding a Disney shuttle for a day at the parks. She wore big sunglasses with the Playboy bunny logo on the temples, a low-neck white t-shirt, a very short mini-skirt, and shoes that, as you can see above, couldn’t have lasted an hour walking through Disney World. For some people, sensibility will never be able to overcome fashion.


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2 Responses to Walking the Walk

  1. brogrit says:

    this goes to show, that, common sense isn’t that common. not to mention, peope are idiots…and this proves it…

  2. michelle says:

    Although it is a lack of common sense in its logical form…it makes complete sense to the average girl…brogrit has heard me say before…it follows the same logic as me wearing makeup to go to the gym…a girl always has to look as cute as possible anytime you’re in public…you never know who you will meet, get hit on by, etc…
    As for what she was wearing, that is a bit of a stretch for something worn for a night on the town…mini skirt and shoes maybe but the t-shirt would have to be traded for something else…
    And those heels don’t at all compare to the f-me pumps I wore for almost 12 hours one time at a cocktail party/bar event…

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