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The Gay Lifestyle part 1

Way back when I was 21 years old. . .

I went to visit a girl friend one evening and found her hanging out with two other friends, (two sisters). They were getting ready to head out for a night of clubbing, and they invited me to go with. I, of course, said, “Sure.”

As we were walking out of my friend’s house, they warned me:

“It’s a gay and lesbian club,” my friend explained.

“Oh,” I said, taking a few moments for the concept to fully sink into my head.

My friend was bisexual, one of the sisters was lesbian, and the other sister was straight. I had known my friend’s orientation, but I had only just then met the sisters. (If it needs to be said: I am pure hetero.)

We stood on my friend’s front porch for a minute while I considered the night’s destination. “Hmm,” I said. “Will one of you always be with me while we’re there?” I asked. I found myself surprisingly not put off by the idea of going to a GL club, (I mean, there’d be men and women there, just like a normal night club, right), but I really wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having guys hit on me if I stood around alone.

I actually found my curiosity rising, (not about that); just what did a GL club look like? Was it any different than a normal club? My only image of a GL bar was from Hollywood comedies. Did the men actually wear black leather vests, and did the women actually wear flannel shirts?

The women standing beside me at that moment, inviting me to the club, were dressed like any other 20-something girls going out on a Saturday night. They didn’t look like a stereotype, (unless you’re thinking of the girls-going-out-on-a-Saturday-night stereotype).

They promised to not leave me by myself. So we loaded into two cars (in case I and/or the straight sister wanted to leave early), and headed out.

Continued: The Gay Lifestyle part 2


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2 Responses to The Gay Lifestyle part 1

  1. michelle says:

    and you expect us to believe there is no gay tendency in you…lets go back to some of your past posts…the types of music you like, oh yes and who can forget the Mama Mia situation…now you are just digging a hole…lol

  2. Pierre says:

    Why is it that straight guys always make their friends promise not to leave them alone in a gay club? Besides it should be flattering if a guy flirts with you ;-)

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