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Tell Me Where to Stick It

When I was in high school (grad 1985), my friend’s older brother somehow got a hold of
a bunch of STP stickers. When I say “a bunch,”
I mean at least a hundred.

He spent a whole school year sticking these stickers up in numerous and various places throughout our town: road signs, buildings, convenience store gas pumps, school windows, sidewalks, dumpsters at the mall, etc., etc., etc.

It was a cool secret for those of us who knew where these stickers were coming from. In big cities, kids used spray paint to tag their nicknames on buildings. In our small town, it was one kid with a box of oil treatment promotional stickers. Hey, at least they didn’t damage what they were put on — they could be taken off, in theory.

Some of these sticker placements lasted for years. There was one stop sign near my friend’s house that sported this STP logo for at least a decade. I haven’t been around that way in a long time to see if it’s still there.

I never heard if any authority figure learned who put out the stickers. I never heard of my friend’s brother getting in trouble over it. I hope he didn’t. He never put a sticker on anyone’s car or other really personal property, so it was just some juvenile fun. It was better than when some kids at my high school went out playing mailbox baseball.

* * *

Back several weeks ago after I set up my Cafepress store, I ordered a few items to ensure they were going to look good. The t-shirts are good — I have a black, long sleeve one, and Cowgrit wears a white, short sleeve one to bed. The stickers are good — I have a GOB on my laptop computer at work, but my BULLGRIT is sitting on my bookshelf, as yet unstuck.

I’ve been trying to think of where to stick the BULLGRIT bumper sticker, but no really great place has come to mind. Of course, it’s a bumper sticker, so the obvious place would be on my bumper. But I feel it would be over doing it to have a BULLGRIT sticker on the same vehicle that I have a BULLGRIT license plate. (Yes, my license plate is that cool.)

I could put it on Cowgrit’s van, and that will be where I’ll stick it if I can’t think of anywhere more interesting (read: entertaining). I’d rather put it somewhere more original. Somewhere where it would get attention, without violating vandalism laws.

So I’m open to ideas and suggestions. Where do you think I should stick this sticker?


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4 Responses to Tell Me Where to Stick It

  1. brogrit says:

    a school bus would be cool. a cab. i need too get some stickers and put them up and out down here….i’ll get them eventually….happy new year to you guys…don’t stay up too late…

  2. switcheroo says:

    If you want to uses it as advertising, you should probably put it somewhere that has Internet access. Find an Internet cafe that lets people post notes and cards to boards inside.

  3. Webbra says:

    Just give it to some teenager. He or she will find a fun place to put it that adults would never think of. And you won’t get in trouble for where it is put.

  4. Bullgrit says:

    On a bus or cab — that’s “vandalism”; that’s someone else’s property. I can’t go that route.

    Internet cafe — that’s a good idea. I’ll find out what’s in my area.

    Teenager — ah, passing off the responsibility. Maybe I need to go hang out at the local high school.

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