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For Halloween this year, our 6 year old wants to be the black-costume Spider-Man, and the will-be 3 year old wants to be the red-and-blue-costume Spider-Man. We got their costumes yesterday and had them try them on.

The 6 year old started leaping around the house throwing out his arms, folding back his two center fingers, and saying “fwish, fwish” to shoot imaginary webbing all around. He stepped up to walls and put both hands and one foot up on it to look like he’s climbing.Then he climbed up on furniture, prompting his mother and I to order him back down.

The 2 year old followed and tried to copy his older brother’s lead as best he could. He doesn’t have the experience yet, so he has that look on his face of, “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m having fun.” Every time we had to order the 6 year old down off the furniture, five seconds later we had to order the 2 year old down off the same piece of furniture.

For the record, neither boy has seen the Spider-Man movies—they’re too violent and intense for young children—so the 6 year old’s knowledge of Spidey’s actions (web shooting, wall climbing, etc.) comes mostly from comic books and some from the movie marketing on everything from Happy Meals to bed sheets.

When in costume, the 6 year old answers only to “Spider-Man.” If we call him by his real name, he explains, “No, Dad, I’m Spider-Man.” We can get him to do just about anything if we ask it of Spider-Man.

“Spider-Man, would you help me hide these clothes safely in Ian’s drawers before the bad guys get here to steal them?”

So, for about half an hour yesterday, we had double the super hero help in the house. But the action kept steadily escalating to the point that we had to calm everyone down and take off the costumes. Another few minutes and one of the boys would have been actually climbing on the ceiling.

But while they are in costume, we’re the safest house in the neighborhood. Our own live in Spider-Men.


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