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Run for Presidential Nominees

You want to know my views on the current folks running for their respective parties? Of course you don’t. So here are my views:

I don’t really bother learning about the politicians when they’re jockeying for their party nominations. It’s far too early for me to care at all. I haven’t watched any debates, but I have seen snippets of them here and there from various sources. And what I’ve seen only reinforces my dislike of political debates.

I’d be interested in the debates if the candidates would talk about their plans, (with specifics), rather than what they do — attack everyone else in the running. Every snippet I’ve seen from any political debate makes me think of the “eleventh commandment” that Ronald Reagan popularized: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Both parties should take this concept to heart. Why in the world would you want to trash someone in your own party? Not only are you crapping on someone with whom you are supposed to have a lot (politically) in common, but you are handing the opposing party ammunition for later. Just seems dumb on the face of it.

As for the current crop of candidates:

I know essentially nothing about any of the Republicans other than Donald Trump. I haven’t sought out info on Trump, but the media makes sure to keep him and his statements in my face every day. And what I think of Donald Trump: He’s a top-notch asshole. He’s a bully who says outrageous things to get attention. The things he has said are completely void of any substance. “I’m going to make America great again!” How? I haven’t seen or heard anything but vague platitudes from Trump. And some of his vague platitudes seem truly dangerous; he takes war mongering to a new level. If Trump is the Republican candidate for President, I will not vote Republican.

I know little about Bernie Sanders other than he is a self-identified socialist who wants to break up the “big banks.” First off, socialism isn’t something that fits the American concept or culture. Socialism sounds good to young idiots who can’t (or refuse) to learn how actual capitalism works. Capitalism works to the best of each individual’s interest, investment, and ability. Capitalism may end up with a wide difference between the top and the bottom, but socialism ensures everyone is close together always near the bottom. If Sanders is the Democrat candidate for President, I will not vote Democrat.

I know much more about Hillary Clinton, and I believe she is deeply unethical. Having known of her for around 20 years, now, I see her as crooked, even to the point of actual criminality. She gets away with things because of her political clout and because the general media lets her. And her supporters seem to willingly overlook her dishonesty because they want to believe in her. I understand the feeling of wanting to believe in someone who says what you like and claims to support what you support. And I understand the gut need to sometimes give someone a pass on things here and there because their larger points and positions are more important than small hiccups or transgressions. But there does come a point where you have to see that the someone you like has taken your willing passes way too far, and they must have nothing but contempt for you and your support. If Clinton is the Democrat candidate for President, I will not vote Democrat.

So: Trump is a asshole. Sanders is a socialist. Clinton is an crook. None of them are the kind of person I want as President of the United States.


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