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Post from Wifegrit — The Things a Parent Will Do

By Wifegrit

When I think back to B.K., (before kids), I remember thinking “I will never do that!” as I watched parents, for example, drag their kid out of a store. Then I became a parent. And I now understand and have sympathy for many of those ridiculous situations. In other words, I have been there and I have done that.

As a parent, the situations you can find yourself in, and how you react is sometimes unpredictable. And hilarious…

Yes, I have left a cart of groceries in the store because of an explosive diaper.

Yes, I have laid my baby to sleep in his crib, jumped to the floor and crawled out of the room, and crawled back in to check on him. (This was with my first child.)

Yes, I have crawled out a window, onto the roof of our house to retrieve a “blown away” Pok√©mon card.

Yes, I have worn a robe in the car to drop off my child at school so we wouldn’t be late.

Yes, we have driven around the beltline for 2 hours to put a child to sleep.

Yes, I have eaten hidden chocolate in my closet. (“What’s that in your mouth mom?” “Ah, oh..nothing.”)

Yes, I have been in the bathroom as my child dialed 911. “Look what we learned in school today!”

Now it is your turn. I would love for you to share your funny stories.

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6 Responses to Post from Wifegrit — The Things a Parent Will Do

  1. Robossario says:

    We spent 2 hours going back to stores in the mall looking for the toy my daughter dropped during Xmas shopping.

  2. Amy Willos says:

    What happened when your child dialed 911? I that police have to go to all calls.

  3. Noname says:

    Before having children I thought I would raise them without tv but after having children I sit them in front of the tv just to get a little break. It is terrible but I would go crazy without it.

  4. MarHarrasin says:

    Oh the taking the kids to school in a housecoat. I do that all the time. School starts so early I don’t have time to get myself ready.

  5. Wifegrit says:

    Amy: Regarding the 911 call. I called the 911 dispatcher and told them what happened!

  6. Grant Niemeyer says:

    Ahhhh yes the army crawl from the crib done that many a times to avoid the squeaky floor waking the kid/kids back up. And the TV thing sounds familar aswell although thats more the wife’s department since I am at work most of the day. But having to walk out of the store with the cranky screaming kid then stand outside of the van waving at everyone that walks by with forced smile while they judge yeah that was a great day stupid candy display.

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