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  • MarvelTradingCards: Yep… Y-M-C-A all the way.
  • Steve: Love this walk down memory lane. I also have boxes...
  • James: I’ve been using a disposable razor back then...
  • Rebecca Rounsey: The government should take guns away...
  • brogrit: since i have so much that could be said about...

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Overwatch Mercy – Did I Play a Competitive Match With a Smurf?

Overwatch Mercy competitive game play. After a good match, 5 of us agreed to group up for more play. It didn’t dawn on me at the time, but watching it back, I now wonder if our leader was actually a smurf account. He was a good leader, with good strategy, and callouts.

The intro and outro music is from Everything is Alright by PAPERSTREET. Used with permission. Album available on iTunes.

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