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Not So Much Travel

When I started this site, I thought I’d be traveling a bit, that’s why I included the Travel category. In 2005-2007, I was in a job that had me traveling around the country 2-4 times a year. In 2008, I was in a job that was supposed to have me traveling out of the country twice a year. But I’m now in a job that has no travel at all.

I was never big on traveling before 2005. I was a confirmed homebody with minimal interest in figuring out the logistics and going through the effort of traveling. That’s not to say I didn’t travel. I did some, mostly to visit Cowgrit’s relatives (Texas, Arizona, New York), or to go skiing (West Virginia, Colorado), or for our honeymoon (Florida). But if I had had my way then, I would have just stayed home.

But then, after traveling some for my job, I started seeing the journeys as little adventures. Although some of the destinations could have been interesting (New York, Chicago, San Diego), I had work to do there, and my stay was only 2-4 days, so I didn’t get to see much of the locations.

The trips weren’t vacations. Besides, even when traveling, I’m apparently still a homebody. When I was in New York on business, I spent my 3 evenings watching movies (Lord of the Rings DVDs on my work laptop) and reading books (Honor Harrington series) in my hotel room. When I was in Chicago for nearly a week, I spent my evenings playing World of Warcraft (I made top level 60 at that time). When I was in San Diego for just 2 days, I went to bed early because the 3 hours time difference killed me.

I did get to see some of the areas, during the days, so I can honestly say I’ve seen the cities at least nominally. (I got lost in Chicago driving a rented car for about 3 hours.) But it was really just a nibble and taste, not a full course of the places.

I came to enjoy the travel experience. I was fine with the trips lasting no more than a week, no more often than 4 times a year. The airport experiences, flying over America, and checking into hotels actually became kind of fun. It broke up the sometimes monotonous daily grind of going to my office every day, every week, every month.

And then when I got another job at the beginning of last year, I was looking forward to the expected out-of-country trips. I got to go to Sweden last March, and that was the coolest business travel I ever got to do. I was supposed to get a trip to China, too, last year, but, well, it didn’t work out.

Now my new job has zero travel, and I’m finding myself missing that aspect of work. Plus is kind of weakens the whole Travel section of this site. At least I traveled to Disney World with the family, so I was able to file something in the category. I guess I’ll need to figure up some more travel with the family so I can add to this section.


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3 Responses to Not So Much Travel

  1. michelle says:

    I have a suggestion…Guy, Arkansas
    your brother still owes me a road trip there, along with a bunch of other plans that we never took…

  2. cowgrit says:

    I think Hawaii would be a great place to go. Think of all the blog potential.
    Ok, I would be happy to make it to the montains or the beach for a long weekend.

  3. brogrit says:

    how about coming to see your brother. that would be cool. the last few times we’ve seen each other, i have been there. also, you haven’t come down since i graduated college…ah, i believe in ’99. so it’s your turn….

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