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My Distraction and Addiction

I know I said I was going to get back to writing on this blog. I had every intention to do so when I said that, but I’ve gotten into a new computer game that has really given me a lot of enjoyment. So much enjoyment that it’s become a bit of an addiction.

Team Fortress 2. It’s a multi-player first person shooter with two teams (RED and BLU) who not only try to kill each other, but try to accomplish various goals in a match. Capture the flag, control points, move objects from one location to another, etc.

I played Team Fortress Classic a lot back some 12+ years ago. I remember the hype and anticipation for Team Fortress 2 back then, but somehow it fell off my radar for all these years. Then a guy from my work organized an online game night, and TF2 was what we played. Within a few minutes, I was hooked.

In the past several weeks, I’ve gotten pretty good at the game. Each team has up to 12 players, and I regularly end up in the top three scorers by the end of a game. (I usually play the Pyro, if you know the classes.)

I’ve even gotten Calfgrit14 and Calfgrit10 to play with me a few times. With all of us in the same room, we can communicate easily and play as a strong threesome. I like it because it’s something that my boys can see their dad really rock with. That their old man “pwns,” (I hate that word), in this online world actually impresses them. And I’ll take every opportunity to shine in my son’s eyes.

But I’ve got to cut back on my play time a bit. At least enough so I can write some more. I have to reign in my ego boosting some so I can get some actual work done.


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