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Mission: Space at Disney World cont.

Continued from here.

It took all my concentration to keep from vomiting, and my concentration was handicapped by spinning vision and throbbing pain. Oh God, make it stop, was all I could think. I felt like I had no blood in my body. For the remaining couple of minutes in the ride, I was sweating and quivering.

When the ride at last ended, and I could exit, I found standing and walking difficult and unsteady. My head wanted to explode, my stomach wanted to empty itself, and my bones wanted to collapse. I’m serious –- I have never experienced such distress. A couple of Disney workers in the ride gave me a look over as I passed them in the exit tunnel, but I guess they figured I was OK since I was able to walk on my own.

I made it out of the ride zone, and through the after-ride entertainment area, and through the gift shop, and finally, outside to the bright sun and fresh air. I found an empty bench and laid down. I wasn’t concerned what people might be thinking of me right then, laying down on a bench, because it took all my concentration just to stay alive.

It was an hour before I could sit upright and not feel like throwing up. A little while after sitting up, an older man sat down next to me, to wait for his wife to come off the ride.

We chatted for a while. He was from England, and he and his wife were in Disney World for his 65th birthday. They had both ridden the less intense version of Mission: Space, and then his wife wanted to ride the more intense version. I related that I had just gotten off that version (I didn’t say, “an hour ago”), and was recovering. I really didn’t feel like talking, but I think doing so helped me get over the ill feelings.

Eventually, his wife came out. The man introduced me, and we discussed the experience a bit. She said it was indeed intense, and she didn’t like it, but she was not ruined like me. I explained that I had lifted my head and looked to the side during the ride.

“The signs say not to do that,” she said, politely.

“Yeah,” I said, “and now we know why.”

They chuckled, and she added, “I don’t think I could have lifted my head. I couldn’t lift my hands to push the buttons.” They wished me a speedy recovery, and went on their way.

Half an hour later, my family returned to the park. I was able to walk properly by then, but my head was still spinning, albeit, slower. I wasn’t dizzy enough to fall down, but it was enough to keep me from fully enjoying anything for another hour. I even felt a little bit of disorientation later that evening.

It’s a shame that my first and only experience on a centrifuge turned out so badly (because I screwed up). I think I would have really enjoyed that more intense version of Mission: Space – feeling the increased Gs, especially when lifting my arms, was very cool. But wow, taking that G force hit to the inner ear totally ruined me. I was reduced to being happy that I didn’t throw up or fall down afterward.


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5 Responses to Mission: Space at Disney World cont.

  1. Camilla says:

    I hope to finally see it in your book sales! It wants to read it quickly!

  2. cowgrit says:

    I remember how bad you felt! We took it easy the rest of the day.

  3. brogrit says:

    i guess next time you’ll pay attention to the rules…there is a reason they are there, and it’s not to be broken. leave the “breaking the rules” stuff to me, i have more experiance in that field.
    by the way, thanks for the call and the wish yesterday, sorry i couldn’t talk that much, was running late for my gig last night…

  4. MadMonk says:

    I feel your pain man. That sounds exactly how I felt the last time I got on one of those carnival rides at the state fair that is basically a saucer-shaped centrifuge. Your standing against the wall the spinning like crazy and the floor drops out from under you and you’re stuck to the wall. I made the mistake of riding that thing when I first got to the fair that morning and it ruined the whole day for me. I couldn’t even drink a beer until later that night (which is the true measure of the state of my stomach).

  5. Kristen says:

    Absolutely hysterical but I have now been warned & no not to attempt myself when I go in June! lol

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