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Loving the Gray

I’ve had some gray in my head of hair for a few years, now. Since I keep my hair pretty short, it looks sprinkled with salt rather than streaked with strands. This gray has slowly evolved over the last five years, so I easily grew accustomed to it. It’s just me.

I also have gray in my beard. I usually have a mustache and goatee, connected at the corners of my mouth, and if I let it grow a couple weeks, you can see two gray spots on either side of my goatee. I think this looks kind of cool. It almost looks designed.

I also have some gray hairs on my arms. There’s not a lot of gray hairs — just a few, here and there. But in the right light, they stand out. This hair, though I don’t think it’s cool looking, isn’t particularly troublesome. It’s just a sign that I’m getting a little older. Nothing disturbing.

But I’ve started noticing gray hairs on my chest. Now this. . . gray chest hairs. . . this is not something I like. Salt-and-pepper head hair is character, symmetrical gray spots in the beard is cool, couple of short grays on the arms is acceptable, but gray hair on the chest, that’s oldness. I don’t like it. I do not like gray chest hairs.

If I ever try to cover any gray hairs with color, I’d probably start with those on my chest. Only old men have gray chest hairs, and I just can’t be that. I can’t be old yet. Hell, I’ve not accepted middle age yet, I can’t even comprehend old age.


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7 Responses to Loving the Gray

  1. brogrit says:

    if you need any pointers, let me know, i have been taking care of that type of thing for a while. or….you can just look old, ohh wait, you are old….or at least, older than me….

  2. michelle says:

    Don’t be like that…the fact that he’s older than you and has gray hairs appearing is acceptable…the real question is why do you have them when you’re the younger one…?
    Well no matter what, girls still think that graying look is sexy…but chest hair is not. Don’t color it, just wax it off!

  3. Player1 says:

    What does Candy think about the gray?

  4. Mom says:

    I absolutely refuse to listen to you two talk about gray hair. How can you have gray hair when I am too young to have children with gray hair? I always knew I took the wrong boys home from the hospital. (grin) You guys must have been older than they said.

  5. brogrit says:

    it’s not me talking about getting old…just ibullgrit….i’m still in my late 20’s(shut it bullgrit…and michelle)….so it’s all him….

  6. michelle says:

    This is where the two of you should remind your mother that she has two handsome young men, and that those genes came from her…which makes her a beautiful person…
    especially with a son in his late 20’s…brogrit

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