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Long Weekend

It’s was a long and active weekend, and it wore me out. After we put the boys to bed Monday night, it was another half hour before both were asleep — Calfgrit7 passed out almost immediately, but Calfgrit3 just would not fall asleep. Cowgrit and I had to wait nearly an hour after putting them to bed before we could turn on the movie we wanted to watch.

We didn’t do anything particularly interesting this weekend, just played mostly, and painted one bathroom. It was warm enough that the boys could get wet in the backyard. We set up a new play table that’s designed for sand and water, and the boys played with that just on and on. I grilled some burgers and hotdogs and a steak skewer for dinner Monday night.

So, like I said, nothing really interesting. Just some normal Memorial Day weekend activities around the house. I’d like to thank all our service men and women who put themselves on the line to let all the rest of us have the freedom to have mundane weekends. Thank you.


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