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I went to the library to drop off and pick up a bunch of books for my wife and boys. I hadn’t been to the library in a long time, and I haven’t gone very often in many years. I like to go to book stores because I prefer to buy books to have forever and read without a time limit.

I can easily spend an hour at a Barnes & Noble just browsing the bookshelves. I tried browsing at the library, but I couldn’t remember or figure out the Dewey decimal system to find my way around. The library needs better signage.

I did find the science fiction and fantasy shelves in the library, but the selection is pretty light. Nothing interesting jumped out at me while I browsed, but I did spot several books that I’ve read in years past. It’s kind of surprising to look up and down the shelves and think, “I’ve read that. Read that. Read that, too. Oh, that was a good book. That sounds familiar, did I read that?”

While looking through the books, I remembered there was an author I hadn’t read yet but had always wanted to: Jack Vance. I found the V authors section, but couldn’t find Vance. I went to the computer catalog and looked up Vance. No listing. That astonished me. Jack Vance is a classic, multi-award-winning fantasy author, how could he not even be listed in a library catalog? I guess I’ll just have to go to Barnes & Noble.


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