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Looking at the back page of our little local newspaper, I found the “ClubNotes” section. There’re 43 local clubs listed with upcoming meetings or events. Among them are:

Bass Area Shag Society — For those of you who don’t know it, shag is a southeast-coast dance style; bass is a fresh-water fish. I don’t understand the connection, here.

XYZ Senior Citizen Club — XYZ? Was “Senior Citizen Club” already taken and this group had to take a different name? Is this like when a guy named John Smith signs up for a hotmail account and he has to take johnsmith682@hotmail.com?

Herb Society — Is this “herb” as a euphemism?

Mothers of Preschoolers of Crosspointe — They named this down to the neighborhood; the only thing missing is a specific address. What, was plain old “Mothers of Preschoolers” already taken?

Mothers of Preschoolers — Apparently it was.

Sons of Confederate Veterans — I considered joining this band, in a different town, way back in the day. I’m a descendant of a Confederate veteran.


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