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Intruder Repelled

Last week, Wifegrit called me at work shouting that there was a “giant snake” trying to get into our garage. She was very upset, so I immediately jumped in my truck and raced home. Unfortunately, it takes me 35 minutes to get home, so by the time I got there she had scared it off into the woods behind our house. I was proud of her even though she admits her scaring it off was by yelling and screaming in terror.


I was disappointed that I couldn’t get home in time to take care of it myself. I wanted to be a hero. *sigh*

But then my chance came a few days later when I was actually already at home. I got the alert that there was a “really big spider” in our garage trying to get into the house proper. Well, I will protect my home and family against any intruder, two legs, no legs, or eight! I rushed downstairs ready to deal with the arachnid intruder.

Kill Spider!

“Ya broke into the wrong goddamn recroom, didn’t cha, ya bastard!”

OK, okay, I didn’t shoot the monster. (Especially not aiming like that, against that concrete floor.)

Spider Intruder

I got a paper towel, reached down relatively gently, and scooped it up. I took it out into the far edge of the yard and let it go. So long as the snakes and spiders stay in the yard or woods, out of the house, they’re welcome to do their natural business.


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7 Responses to Intruder Repelled

  1. mom says:

    Ok, you have a snake in the yard, now a spider…all you have to tell me now is that you have a frog that wants to visit and nana and the boys will be at the Holiday Inn next week. LOL

  2. brogrit says:

    what picture did you photoshop on top of the spider one? it soooo looks like a photoshop job….look at your left foot…and when did you get whats looks like a beretta?

  3. brogrit says:

    upon further inspection, it might just be the stain that makes your foot look like its floating

  4. Etrain says:

    Would you have killed the snake? You shouldn’t. Is that Reba in the video? What movie is that? I have to see that.

    • Bullgrit says:

      I wouldn’t have killed the snake. I’d have just moved it off to the woods where it ended up going off on its own, anyway.

      The movie is Tremors, with Kevin Bacon, and yes Reba McEntire. It’s sort of a cult classic, kind of B-movie, but it has some really good parts, (like that one above).

  5. Eldricth Apple says:

    FYI: there is a powder you can put around your house that will keep snakes out. Snakes won’t cross the powder. It’s useful if you have this problem a lot.

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