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Interview Attire

I haven’t worn a tie to work in many years, but I have about two dozen ties hanging on two clothes hangers at the back of my closet.

Of those 20+, here are my favorites. Sadly, I only ever wear the conservative one on the right. Since I only wear a tie nowadays either for a job interview or to a funeral (I’ve aged past the days of all my friends getting married), I never get the opportunity to wear Thor or Captain America.

I miss showing these ties as a business sign of my cool geekness. (I own both issues of The Mighty Thor and Captain America that these designs are based on.) But I definitely don’t miss having to wear ties on a daily basis. I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy.

But if I had a business-dress alter ego, he’d wear a kick-ass superhero tie. “Avengers assemble my wardrobe!”


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2 Responses to Interview Attire

  1. brogrit says:

    i think you can count the tmes i’ve worn a tie on one hand. i the only reason i have a tie now is due to my surrogate brothers wedding, and it doesn’t match anything other than that suit. i feel kind of lucky, i have never “had” to wear i tie for any job, always just jeans(or shorts) and tee shirt. i don’t think i could even handle an office job…

  2. Mom says:

    When I die wear the Captain America. So save it.

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