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I Need a Vacation

Fshew. We’re back. We’re tired. We’ve had about as much fun as we can stand. Our 6-day/7-night vacation at Disney World was a lot of fun. The hurricanes in the Atlantic gave us no problems — had to drive through a couple hours of rain on the way to DW, and had about 4 hours of rain on Thursday at the Magic Kingdom, but that was it.

Every day was packed morning to night with action and adventure, and I have a ton of stuff I’d love to blog about. Although I could probably fill a month’s worth of posts, I’ll try to ration them out instead of flood the site with my thoughts and observations on this one event. But here are a couple little funnies:

We had just, two minutes ago, stepped off a ride that Calfgrit7 exclaimed was was “great” and “cool” and “awesome.” Now he was saying, “This place is boring.” TWO MINUTES between scream-laughing fun and whining boredom. Is that a record?

We were actually still standing in front of the restaurant where we had just eaten a buffet meal, and Calfgrit3 announced, “I’m hungry.” Two minutes between all the food he could possibly eat and hunger. Sadly, that is not a record for him.


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4 Responses to I Need a Vacation

  1. brogrit says:

    well, it’s about time you got me a post to read. you on vacaton isn’t fair when i don’t have anything to read in the morning….

    i’m glad you guys had a good time, it’s amazing that cg7 can say he was bored. how did that turn out, or, how long was he bored, up untill you got to the next amazing ride……? i look forward to reading you observations…..

  2. Bullgrit says:

    CG7 was only “bored” for another few minutes, till we reached the next attraction. That anecdote was from our 5th or 6th day at the parks, so I think he had become a bit jaded — he had come to expect the fun and excitement to happen rapid fire.

  3. michelle says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like ya’ll had so much fun…Maybe you should post two a day in order to share all about your trip and possibly satisfy your brother’s void this past week…

  4. Bullgrit says:

    Two a day? I still barely manage to get one written. I’ll save some vacation notes for days when I can’t think of anything else to write about.

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