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We own our new home. We move in tomorrow. [Updated: see bottom of this post]

Schedule for Saturday:

Movers will arrive at mother’s-in-law house at 8:00 to collect our things there, and then take these and all our stuff from storage to new house.

Our new refridgerator will be delivered.

Our new washer and dryer will be delivered.

Cable company will install TV, Internet, and phone connections.

My new computer desk will be delivered.

Our new TV stand will be delivered.

Our new sofa and chair will be delivered.

Pizza will be delivered.

Headaches will set in.

Ibuprofen will be delivered.

Exhaustion will take over. Sleep will follow.

The rest of our lives will begin.




We had originally scheduled our move for Monday 12/21, but we called the movers and asked could they move us on Saturday 12/19. They didn’t have an available slot for us, but they put us on their wait list in case someone else cancelled. Fortunately, someone cancelled, and we took their movers. “Yay, we can get into our new home two days early!”

But now our area is under snow storm advisory. It may snow and ice on Saturday. The movers just called us and gave us warning that if the conditions are hazardous (remember: this is the South), they may have to cancel and reschedule another day for the move. The only days they have available right now are Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, if the weather gets bad tomorrow, instead of moving two days earlier, we may end up moving one or two days later than we originally planned for.

Oh joy. Nothing is ever easy.


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  1. Webbra says:

    Good luck.

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