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Found Pigeon

So, this pigeon flew down into our backyard. We’ve had many kinds of birds in our backyard, but never a pigeon — especially a white pigeon, with black splotches. We usually get wild birds, and only see common gray pigeons in cities.


This little birdie came down while Wifegrit was in the yard, and showed no concern about a human being near it. When Wifegrit came back inside, I went out to check this feathered visitor. It still showed no fright when I got up very close to it. I was quite surprised. I got up within about 12 inches of the bird; I could have touched it. It posed perfectly for me to snap pictures with my phone. I crouched down on the ground, and it walked around me, eying me up and down.


Eventually the Calfgrits came out with me. Still the pigeon stayed calm, and continued walking around the yard. We talked about how cool this was, and then Calfgrit12 noticed the bird had a band on its leg.

It says how bad my eyesight has gotten that I didn’t notice the band even though I had gotten so close to it. Both Calfgrits could even read the code on the band: NPA 8 10 BS 308.

Wifegrit got on her computer and started searching the Web about this situation. Apparently this bird belongs to someone in the National Pigeon Association (NPA). While I sent an email to the association and called the secretary, Wifegrit put some rice and water in small bowls for the boys to place out in the yard for the bird. I left a voice mail message, and then went back outside.

The bird would drink the water, but wouldn’t eat the rice. Calfgrit12 then took some bread outside, and the little fellow tore right into it. The boys named the bird “Luke.” After about half an hour, everyone was over the initial surprise factor, and the boys played while Luke just wandered around watching the boys. I laid down in the hammock and watched everyone.

We weren’t sure if we needed to do anything about the bird, like capture it. Some Websites gave instructions to box it up and contact the owner, so we started talking about what box we could use and how to go about getting the bird into the box. But other Websites said to just feed and water the bird, and then let it fly home on its own. (Its home could be up to hundreds of miles away.) In the end, Luke made the decision on his own.

He flew up to the roof of our house. He walked around up there for a while, looking down on us as if to say, “Thanks for the food and water. I’m all good now.” A few minutes later, he flew off.

Bye Luke. It was a fun evening with you as our surprise guest.


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One Response to Found Pigeon

  1. Grant Niemeyer says:

    Had a racing pigeon show up at work like that once. Snow white bird but couldn’t get close enough to read the band nore was fast enough to nabb the fellow. Figured it was a racing bird since was a mention of race in the news week earlier. Anyhow he hung around eating Moddified distillers grain and teasing the cats for couple of days then decided it was time to be off and took off north to the city.

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