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First Peak into The Hobbit Filming

Peter Jackson will be taking the world back to his vision of Middle Earth with the prequel to The Lord of the Rings: The Hobbit. After his wonderful production of The Lord of the Rings, that pretty much became a cultural phenomenon, I’m excited and hopeful about The Hobbit. I trust Peter Jackson with this story.

The Hobbit was the first fantasy novel I remember reading, way back circa 1981.  My introduction to Middle Earth, and to the fantasy book genre in general, coincided with my first getting into Dungeons & Dragons. So it sits comfortably in a nice little second breakfast nook in my heart. I recently read the book to my boys.

The Hobbit – Behind the Scenes

The film won’t be released until some time in 2012, but Peter Jackson is giving us a video blog of the filming. I found it not just interesting, but endearing.


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2 Responses to First Peak into The Hobbit Filming

  1. Bullgrit says:

    To my family: Does Ian McKellen (Gandal without makeup and costume) have an uncanny resemblance to someone?

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