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Driving the Walking Dead

I saw a few episodes of The Walking Dead back in the first season. What I caught was just random, when I just happened to turn on the TV during its time slot. The show looked interesting, but I just couldn’t reliably tune in at the right time. Then last year when we got Netflix, I managed to watch eight or ten episodes in a row.

I really like the Zombie Apocalypse genre, and this show had some really interesting episodes, but taken as a whole, I just couldn’t love it. The main characters made too many stupid mistakes. Among many problems, the zombies seemed to appear out of nowhere like freakin’ ninjas. Living bad guys could track and seemingly teleport like wizards. Every time it happened, it just took me out of the story. So I gave up watching it.

Then on our Walt Disney World vacation last month, I saw this in the resort parking lot:

The Walking Dead Car

The Walking Dead Car


This prompted me to try watching the show again. I cherry picked a few episodes, (the attack on the prison, and a few following). There were a few instances of stupid by the characters, but nothing terribly bad to me. But the story is just so damn depressing. So much bad happening to everyone. I can’t stand it. I don’t want to watch a show that makes me depressed. So, again, I’m giving up on The Walking Dead.


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One Response to Driving the Walking Dead

  1. Grant Niemeyer says:

    Me I am loving walking dead half way threw second season what gets me is the military failuare to contain and suppress the infection. And that’s not a knock on the realality but the movie/show just doesn’t add up for me have a hard time believing that with all our trained and battle tested personal that the fairly slow moving horde couldn’t be stoped. As far as the “stupid mistakes” the main characters do I can see that just due to the fact of stress and in the moment oh how do I say this……quick fix. When you got a horde of shambling dead wanting to make a happy meal out of you be willing to bet that your not thinking how is this going to effect the group in the long run. Its how hell am I going to get out of this moment alive and with my parts attached.

    What hooked me was two things happened to watch the final Talking dead and the showed the clip of the finally with the main hero (name escapes me) bitting out the throught of Meryl yeah ok I’m in. the opening of episode one where the sherrif was looking for some gas and the just sheer desolation of the station how well they laid out the set yeah I’m in.

    I would give it the full two seasons Bull then if it still naws at yah punt it and maybe try the Brit version oh bother can’t remember the name offhand but premise they have a zombie outbreak but figure out a cure and its the story of trying to reintagrate the living dead back into society and how some of them resist tried watching it but got behind on taping it and haven’t seen it pop up anywhere and think its a spring run for the BBC America channel.

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