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My Dad Was a Good Samaritan

My dad passed away almost exactly three years ago. Although we went through tons of paperwork and old family memorabilia during the first year after his death, I still have some boxes of . . . stuff . . . to be gone through. I was doing this over the weekend. In one box, among old documents and photos, I came across this 45 year old letter:

[Click to open larger image for easier reading.]
Thank You Letter

That $5 bill was still paperclipped to the letter.


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3 Responses to My Dad Was a Good Samaritan

  1. Ronda says:

    This is just about one of most awesome things ever.

  2. brogrit says:

    doesnt surprise me a bit…unfortunately you cant do that these days, here anyway, if there is a “broken down” motorist on the side of the road…more than likely its a scam. really a shame too, it means when someone really needs help they wont get it…bull, you should frame that.

  3. grant niemeyer says:

    scam or you might maced when you go up to the window crack to ask if they need help. most say no thanks I called someone and they are on their way. But I still do besides I kinda like chilies cool find bull.

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