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  • MarvelTradingCards: Yep… Y-M-C-A all the way.
  • Steve: Love this walk down memory lane. I also have boxes...
  • James: I’ve been using a disposable razor back then...
  • Rebecca Rounsey: The government should take guns away...
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Bullgrit: “I posted your joke on my blog.”

Cowgrit: “Which joke?”

Bullgrit: “The only joke you know.”

Cowgrit: “I know more than one joke!”

Bullgrit: “No you don’t. It’s the only joke you’ve ever been able to remember and tell correctly.”

Cowgrit: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Bullgrit: “Yep, that’s it.”

Cowgrit: “To show the ‘possum it could be done.”

Bullgrit: “Right.”

Cowgrit: “I know another joke.”

Bullgrit: “Oh yeah? What is it?”

Cowgrit: “Why did God give men a bigger brain than dogs?”

Bullgrit: “I taught you that joke back in college. That’s my joke.”

Cowgrit: “So they won’t hump your leg at a party.”

Bullgrit: “And you actually remembered it.”

Cowgrit: “Knock, knock.”

Bullgrit: “Oh, you’re gonna use jokes from the boys, now? Who’s there?”

Cowgrit: “Apple. . . . No! I mean Banana.”

Bullgrit: <laughing> “That’s Calfgrit3’s only joke. You’re stealing jokes from a 3-year-old?”

Cowgrit: “Shoot.”

Bullgrit: “See?”

Cowgrit: “But I do know more than one joke.”

Bullgrit: “Okay. I’ll correct my blog. You can tell more than one joke. You know TWO jokes.”


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