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K = Potassium


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Sorry, We’re Not In Right Now

We’re not at home this week. We are at Walt Disney World. We are on vacation. We are relaxed, having fun, playing, swimming, riding thrills, and probably eating much more than we should.


We’ll be back to our regular home and lives next week.


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Layoffs Revisited

Almost three years ago, I got laid off from a job and company. I got lucky with getting a replacement job within a couple of weeks, so the story isn’t a tragedy. And I’m still at that “new” job.

What with the economy in the sad, sick state it’s in, my “content adviser” has suggested that I repost that story. It’s still a timely tale within the context of the nation’s employment numbers.

At the time of the lay offs, I actually posted two stories: the one I was then going through, and one I had gone through several years earlier.

If you’re interested, here they are again, for revisting:


Private Lay Off

Public Lay Off


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You Don’t Know Dixie — The History Channel

I just randomly happened to catch this show coming on The History Channel: You Don’t Know Dixie.

Oh Lord, I loved this show. It’s great, it’s accurate, and it’s funny. Here are a couple of examples:

The Southern accent:

College football:

Catch the show if you can. It’s worth the time.


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