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Raleigh Supercon 2018 Overwatch Cosplayers

My boys and I went to the Raleigh Supercon yesterday. It was the first major convention for me*, and the first any convention for them. Since my 51st birthday was last week, this was my choice of “party”.

I took some pics of the Overwatch cosplayers (taken just spur of the moment with my phone):

Overwatch Cosplayers Photo Album

*I’ve been to a few local comic book and gaming conventions (couple hundred people) some decades ago.

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A-Team Van Spotted

I came across this A-Team van in the local Target parking lot. Just as I took out my phone to photograph it, the owner walked up with his two young sons. I talked with the owner for a minute, and he told me he put this together himself. It’s pretty cool.


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Pokemon In the Wild

My Calfgrits and I were out hiking and came across some Pokemon.


and big…


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Calfgrit11 Graduates from Elementary School

Calfgrit11 is graduating from elementary school today. He’ll start middle school next month. We went to the middle school open house a week ago, and Calfgrit15 took the lead to show his little brother around the school.

It was a sweet bonding moment for them. It was just coincidence that they happened to wear the same colors that day.


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