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Overwatch — Fooling Around in Skirmish With My Sons

This clip is just of us fooling around during a skirmish, trying to lure the enemy Lucio to boop us off the Route 66 cliff.


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Why I Use the Arrow Keys and NumPad for Gaming

Pretty much every time someone sees one of my game play videos for the first time, they wonder why I have strange key binds (like NumPad 0 and NumPad 1).

I started computer gaming many years before WASD was even conceived of. When I started, the arrow keys were the unchangeable default movement keys. I played that way for years and years. Even when WASD became the default, I just rebound my keys to match what I had become used to. I slide my keyboard over to my left, place my left hand on the arrow keys, and play perfectly fine.

Using the arrow keys lets me place my hand on them without looking. The empty spaces on either side of the up arrow gives me a perfect tactile sense of how my fingers are placed. I can easily use all the keys immediately and secondarily adjacent around the arrow keys: Ctrl, R-Shift, Enter, Back Space, Delete, End, Page Down, NumPad 4, NumPad 1, NumPad 0, etc. (Look at your key board.)

Since I’ve been using these keys for literally decades, I have strong muscle memory for certain actions. For instance, Delete is always¬†my gun-reload key. It all works for me. I’ve tried a few times to get used to WASD, and whatever defaults the particular game has, but unlearning and relearning really slows me down. And for what? Since all games allow remapping your keyboard, there’s really no reason why I should have to change my habits.

Currently I have two keyboards: one on the left for gaming, and one in the middle for normal usage (and typing in game chat). This became an option only relatively recently once computers allowed two keyboards. So I’m perfectly set up for my set up. No need or desire to change. It works, for me.

Over the years, I’ve encountered a few other people who still use the arrow keys like I do. They are all like me in that we started gaming many years ago, and got used to the old-school way. Old Gamers unite! Stuck in our ways, and loving it.


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Bullgrit’s Family Gaming Room

Reveal of my family gaming room — where I play Overwatch (and other games) with my sons. For another look at our game room (from a few years ago), check out this post from my blog: http://www.totalbullgrit.com/blog/my-application-for-geek-of-the-year/

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World of Warcraft: I’ve Seen the Problem Player

*** I originally posted this on the official World of Warcraft forums. ***

I’ve been playing for months (levels 1-80 [not this character]) with one or both of my sons (ages 11 and 15). We’ve quested a bit, and we’ve run dungeons, just the three of us. My 15 year old stopped playing WoW about 10 levels ago, so since then, it’s been just me and my 11 year old.

Since there’s only two of us now, we’ve been joining LFDs for our dungeon runs. It’s not nearly as fun — we can’t enjoy the dungeons at our own pace, we have to follow the rush :-(

During these runs with PUGs, I’ve seen my son be the “problem player”. On multiple occasions, he has aggroed something by getting too close to it — just wanting to look at it. He has seemed AFK because he wanted to look at the scenery of the dungeon. He has pulled a side mob because he wanted to test himself one-on-one (or battles have seemed so easy, and so he thinks he can just kill one more on his own). He has switched between specs while forgetting to change his gear accordingly. He has annoyed people by emoting constantly. *sigh*

He never does any of this to intentionally be a problem. He’s just being a kid. If you have kids, you know how they just do completely ridiculous stuff to entertain themselves. When we were playing as a threesome, I could overlook some of his silliness because I know he’s a child, or I could control potential problematic actions because we play in the same physical room together.

Now, he’s not all bad in LFDs. Just last night, when the tank died, my son (as an enhancement shaman) stepped up and managed to hold the enemy’s attention off the clothy casters. He also throws out heals on himself or others when the group healer is pressured. He knows how the group tank/healer/DPS dynamic works, and he tries to be helpful. I trust him completely when we’re under pressure. And when we’re not under pressure, usually a simple, one time warning (verbal from me, or in chat from a party member) straightens him up.

Basically, when there is real trouble/danger, he plays well. But when the run is easier, he tends to be silly and sloppy, and probably annoying to strangers. So, I’m sorry for that.


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